Cathy Obersky

Rental Manager

About me

Cathy has lived and worked all her life in Cairns. In her working career Cathy has a proven performance in Commerce, Sales and Marketing having worked over the years in Administration and Sales / Marketing roles through the Construction; Development; Banking; Retail and Development Industries.

Cathy has a positive and intuitive approach to Real Estate and is committed to the clients that she represents – if you were not a personal friend before the business of property management then you will be by the end of the process.

With an exceptionally awareness of people’s needs, local knowledge and a common sense approach it takes away the perceived stereotype of a general real estate Agent. She is always looking to help people through the complete process of the transaction and thereafter.

Through the years Cathy has always committed to Community and local associations –School Committees; Swimming Club; Little Athletics; Neighbourhood Watch; Community Care projects as well as Industry Associations like Housing Association of Australia and Urban Development Institute of Australia. Cathy is energetic, determined and professional in all her dealings.

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