Open Home Styling Tips


Open Home Styling Tips

If you’re selling then investing in proper styling is an absolute must for your upcoming open home. 

Good styling can often mean the difference between a good price and a great price but where do you start and what are some of the biggest styling faux pas?

Listen to your agent

You’ve shopped around and found the best agent for the job but disregarding their advice is a sure way to end up disappointed with your sale. Your agent will know exactly what works and doesn’t work and can even recommend a professional styling company. 

Leave your personality at the door

While you may love your personal style, it may not always be someone else’s cup of tea and could potentially turn off a prospective buyer. 

Removing those holiday souvenirs and sentimental knick knacks will help future owners reimagine the space with their own style. 

Keep it simple

Less is more when it comes to styling your home. It’s all about allowing buyers to see the potential of the house so pare back the accessories and just choose a few key pieces to highlight each space. 

Keep the colour palette neutral, furniture simple and house neat and tidy. 

It’s in the details

Add some warm light and greenery to your home to give it that welcoming feel. Don’t go overboard, instead choose a few signature pieces to tuck into those awkward empty corners. 

Fiddle figs, rubber trees and palms are low maintenance plants that can lift the feel of the room while orchids add a touch of sophistication to bathrooms.